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Professional Hose Reels

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Many of the Lincoln Items are shipped directly from Lincoln Lube in St. Louis MO. 

Please allow extra shipping time if an item is back-ordered.  Smitty's will contact you if 

one of your items originating from the Lincoln Warehouse is back-ordered so 

you can adjust your expectations accordingly or change your order.

Replacement Oil Hose for Reels  Click Here





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  Lincoln LFR Series Reels 



 Lincoln's Fluid Reel Series

Lincoln now offers its new LFR Series Hose Reels. Developed for demanding environments, the product is ideal for use in professional vehicle service facilities, mobile service applications, industrial manufacturing and process industries. Engineered for durability and reliability, the LFR Series Hose Reels provide consistent, repetitive performance. The reels are available in low, medium and high-pressure models for use in a variety of applications and have double-ratchet teeth to lock the hose in multiple positions. The LFR Series Hose Reels have dual-needle bearings to reduce the stress on the spring, providing smooth, balanced operation during both hose extension and retraction.


Air/Water 3/8 ID X 30 Ft Hose  




Air/Water 3/8 ID X 50 Ft Hose  




Air/Water 1/2 ID X 50 Ft Hose  





 Lincoln Oil Reels


Med Duty Oil Reel 1/2 ID X 30' Hose 





Med Duty Oil Reel, 1/2 ID X 50' Hose

85517 Ball Stop & 73024 Connecting Hose




Med Duty Oil Reel, 1/2 ID X 60' Hose 







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Lincoln Heavy Duty Bare Reel

Model 82206 




5000 Pound Working Pressure!



Handles 50' of Hose!


1/2" NPTF Inlet and Outlet 

Lincoln list price $960.00


 $698.00  DELIVERED









 Dual Mounting Arms

Medium Pressure OIL Reel Kit 

LINCOLN Dual Arm Heavy Duty Reel comes with 73360 1/2 inch ID X 50 foot hose, 85517 Ball Stop & 73024 Supply Connecting Hose


Heavy Duty Dual Support Reel Assembly

Lincoln list price $905.55



 $689.00 DELIVERED




Same Reel, Only With Single Support Bracket 94354 Shown At Left



  Medium_Duty.jpg (26892 bytes)   Meter Included!

Medium Duty Oil Reel 

Lincoln Model 85059 Hose & Reel Kit



3866 Oil Meter Preset Quarts/ Pints, 4 GPM

Long 50 foot 1/2 inch I.D. delivery hose

Short connecting supply hose

weighs 68 pounds

(Lincoln list price $2172.00)


$1298.00 Delivered



Like Above Reel Model With Other Hose Lengths




Bare Reel Delivery Hose Hose Size Connecting Hose Ball Stop


Oil Meter



85056 82206 73360 30' x 1/2" 73024 85517 877 $996.00  

85057 82206 73600 50' x 1/2" 73024 85517 877 $1089.00  

85059 82206 73600 50' x 1/2" 73024 85517









Two of 85515 $38.00 Delivered

2 of  85515


Two of 85516 $38.00 Delivered

2 of  85516



Two of 85517 $38.00 Delivered

2 of 85517







Lincoln Better Value Series 


 Hose Reels



Bare reel

50 foot hose 

Hose ball stop

Weight 48 pounds



Heavy gage all steel construction.

Heavy duty rubber air hose.

Slotted base for easy mounting.

Five position adjustable outlet roller arm.

Spring powered hose rewinding.

Eight position ratchet gearing locks the reel at the desired hose length.


Model 83753 

3/8" ID X 50 foot hose 

1/4 inch NPT inlet and outlet 

$229.00 Delivered 




Model 83754 

1/2" ID X 50 foot hose 

1/2 inch NPT inlet and outlet 

$259.00 Delivered 



Lincoln Bulk Oil Systems

3:1 and 5:1 Ratio Pump Packages

RPM Packages (Reel, Pump & Meter For Oil)

Model  Pump Kit/Ratio Reel / 30' Electronic Meter  Air Regulator  Air Gauge
RPM 7  282398 / 3:1  94334 952 quarts only 600003 600401
RPM 8 282398 / 3:1 94334 954 universal 600003  600401
RPM 10 84934 / 5:1  94334 954 universal 600003 600401


RPM7 $1398.00 Delivered 

RPM8 $1398.00 Delivered 

RPM10 $1398.00 Delivered 




Model 4283 5:1 pump with 50' Reel & Oil Meter


Deluxe assembly including 84934 5:1 ratio pump with bung bushing, universal

suction tube with foot valve to fit any size container up to 275 gallons. Includes

1/2" x 50' oil hose reel 94354 with 2' connecting hose. 967 electronic meter totalizes in

gallons with quart, gallon or pint readout.


Model 4283 only $1749.00 Delivered 


Call 630-678-9010 To Order




Model 4493 Pump, Reel and Meter Package



• Configured for above-ground tank installations.


• For use with natural and synthetic oils, automatic transmission fluid, gear oil, antifreeze or hydraulic oil    throughout the shop.


• Fast, reliable dispensing with the 4491 SIX Gallons Per Minute free delivery pump.


• Easy handling, dependable service with the 94000 Series hose reel’s heavy-gauge steel base, brass bushings and extra-wide hose guide.


• Accurate and easy dispensing with the 952 electronic oval gear meter with flexible extension.


• Package includes 4491/3.5:1 pump, 94334 reel with 30' x 1⁄2" hose, ball stop, 952 electronic meter (measures in quarts), air line regulator and gauge, air coupler and nipple, 2' fluid connecting hose from pump to reel and adapter union.


Model 4493 ONLY $1089.00 Delivered 


Call 630-678-9010 To Order




LINCOLN 4482 Oil Pump, Regulator, Meter & Reel Package


 Lincoln 4482 Pump, Reel, Meter and Regulator Package  

Lincoln 4482 Pump, Hose Reel & Meter Package for the vehicle service facility. Designed for use with 55-gallon drums or bench tanks, the package contains all components required for installation. The system efficiently dispenses natural and synthetic oils, automatic transmission fluid, gear oil, antifreeze or hydraulic oil. 

Price $1198.00



Call 630-678-9010 To Order



Lincoln Grease Hose & Reel Packages

94552G  740.jpg (57266 bytes) 740 Control Valve On Some Packages

All kits have Lincoln # 94500 HD Reel, 75024 supply hose & Hose Ball Stop Included Automatically


94532G has 1/4" ID X 30' Hose with 740 Control Valve & 81387 Swivel. 

$619.00 Delivered





94532 has 94500 Reel and 1/4" ID X 30' Hose. (No Control Valve or Swivel included)

$539.00 Delivered




94552G has 1/4" ID X 50' Hose with 740 Control Valve & 81387 Swivel. 






94552 has 94500 Reel and 1/4" ID X 50' Hose. (No Control Valve or Swivel included)

539.00 Delivered



94553H has 3/8" ID X 50' Hose, 3050 High Volume Control Valve & 81729 Swivel. 

$698.00 Delivered





94553 has 94500 Reel and 3/8" ID X 50' Hose. (No Control Valve or Swivel included)

$589.00 Delivered





Hydraulic Pump and Reel System

Lincoln 86262

You can have real flexibility and the capacity to lubricate construction and mining equipment in a self-contained system that works off the hydraulic power you already have on board. Works great when installed on excavators, and other mobile equipment as well as lubrication service trucks.

The fully hydraulic Flow Master pump performs well in cold or hot weather conditions and with high viscosity grease. The wear-compensating motor serves as a reliable, long-lasting power source, and the positive displacement pump features a unique stationary plunger and reciprocating cylinder design to ensure positive priming. Flow Master's compact size allows for easy installation in small spaces.

The heavy-duty reel features a sturdy 1/4-inch welded steel base, sealed retraction spring, adjustable roller outlet arm and quick disconnects for hose attachment. The control valve and swivel are made of machined steel components to stand up to the rigors of construction and mining environments.

Sale price $3100.00 Delivered 

Call 630-678-9010 To Order




Replacement OIL HOSE

1/2 inch I.D. Hose with Male (NPT) Thread on each end

20 Foot # 73240

$159.00 Delivered
30 Foot # 73360

$169.00 Delivered

40 Foot # 73480

$189.00 Delivered

50 Foot # 73600

$229.00 Delivered

75 Foot # 73900

$298.00 Delivered


Lincoln Work Light


Model 91023

Compact and durable, the reel’s robust design withstands harsh environments, including moisture, chemicals and abuse. Its spring-powered, automatic recoil and adjustable cord stop provide operator convenience. The included steel mounting bracket facilitates installation on a wall, ceiling or bench.

Has 50 Foot Long Cord!

Features and Benefits:
Fully enclosed on/off switch to block moisture and debris
Spring-powered, automatic recoil
Adjustable cord stop
125 V input voltage reduced to 12 V at
Two hooks for hanging light head
Two magnets for temporary mounting on metallic surface
Replaceable light head
COB technology for high quality lighting
Flame-resistant ABS reel housing
Five-position guide arm for optimum cord angle
50 foot long 18/2 SJTOW cord

Lincoln List Price $225.00

 $189.00 Delivered





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